One of the most serious and unpleasant issues a homeowner would experience is clogged bathroom drains. It is an issue you shouldn’t avoid at any cost. Although many people think of the damage such issue can cause to the underlying structure of the house, clogged water in bathroom drains is associated with significant health risks both in long and short term basis. Hiring professionals from good company like 1300 Drain Clear is an appropriate solution to common drainage problems.

Generally, blocked drains occur mainly pertaining to the bathroom considering the amount of water it utilizes. Apart from that, areas like the toilet and sink plumbing can cause the same problem at different levels and make things exceptionally unpleasant for the residents. Mentioned below are some common health issues as a result of clogged bathroom drains.

Health related to dirty water 

Generally, bathrooms and toilets carry dirty water. When the drains are clogged, dirty water tends to retain within the blocked drain for a long time and it would make things very unpleasant gradually. It will create the ideal condition for germs and harmful bacteria to grow rapidly. These microorganisms will bring the risk of diseases for the residents. Here are some of the diseases caused by such bacteria.

  • Campylobacteriosis

One of the commonest bacteria varieties found in clogged drain water is campylobacter. This is a dangerous microorganism that causes an infectious disease called Campylobacteriosis. Diarrhoea, nausea, tiredness, abdominal cramps and fever are common symptoms of this disease. If your sewage system is disturbed with clogs, water with Campylobacter may seep through and you have a good chance of getting exposed to it in many ways

  • Typhoid 

Another common health issue associated with inadequate sewage water disposal is typhoid. As per the experts, young children have more potential to catch this disease than the adults. Common symptoms of typhoid are stomachaches, headaches, chest pains and skin rashes. Apart from that, the victim may suffer from sore throat and constipation too.

  • Peptic Unclear Disease  

Of all the bacterium found in sewage water, Helicobacter pylori are the most common type. This particular bacterium is capable of causing a disease called peptic ulcer disease. The victim of this disease would develop sires on the lining of the stomach or small intestine. Complicatedness in breathing, blood in stool, severe to moderate abdominal pains and dizziness are common symptoms of this disease.

  • Unpleasant Odor  

Unpleasant odour is an obvious result of a blocked drain. This particular smell is capable of creating several health issues. Although the respective issue may not be toxic, when exposed to such odours continuously, you will experience the stressful feeling. It will make you anxious and cause regular headaches in addition to the moody feeling. It also can make you pretty tired and it makes it unpleasant to stay in the house. As you would realise, this bad odour may not be a life-threatening one; but it has some issues that are powerful enough to destroy your peaceful life.

Apart from causing new issues, blocked dirty bathrooms can either irritate or make existing issues worse. For instance, the odour and the activities of the microorganisms will cause more attacks on asthma patients. People who are sensitive to allergens may find their lives very difficult under such polluted environment. Therefore, having your bathroom drains cleared all the time is an exceptionally important aspect of your daily life and the best solution is hire professionals. Contact 1300 Drain Clear today to free yourself from the mess.

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